By showing art, Monalisa was sometimes made Lisa Aunty and sometimes Lisa Devi, people gave funny reactions after watching the parody version

Whenever there is talk of painting, then the famous painting of 16th Leonardo da Vinci, Monalisa, is definitely discussed. painting It is said that it took 16 years for Leonardo to make 16 years and it took him a long time of 12 years to make only Monalisa’s lips, but still he could not complete this painting as he lived and in today’s time, people make their own. in a manner creativity use for. These days also a similar creativity is in discussion among people, which we Indians are going to like very much.

Monalisa’s Indian makeover is going viral on social media platform Twitter. After seeing the creativity done on painting, your mind will spin badly because here an Indian has made a foreign woman completely Indian. A big artist will be surprised to see the way the creativity has happened on the picture. It has been shown in these pictures that if Monalisa belonged to different states of the country, then how would she look on the basis of different outfits.

see picture here

The thread post containing this edited photo of Monalisa has been shared by Twitter user Pooja Sangwan. Which people are fiercely sharing with each other. Reactions have been given on this thread picture, including likes, comments and retweets.

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