By imitating the mistress, the buffalo did a tremendous dance, watching the video will make you laugh

Different types of animals live in this world, some of which are very dangerous, some are very calm and some are very Naughty also occur. Especially if the video is of a pet, then it becomes viral faster than other videos. After seeing that, many times we laugh, while at the same time we have to be like this. Video are available to see. Seeing whom we are unable to control our laughter. One such video is going viral these days. After seeing that you too will not be able to control your laughter.

Animals living with humans imitate humans very well, but it is not that only this animal imitates people. But have you ever seen a buffalo imitating humans, if not then a video is in discussion these days. Where a buffalo is seen imitating its mistress. Seeing her, it seems that she is dancing with the mistress.

video of buffalo here

In the video going viral, you can see that a woman is seen running on a rough road. If you are also thinking like this after watching this video, then you are wrong because the buffalo is seen dancing with the woman. As the woman is jumping, the buffalo is also supporting the woman. When the woman jumps forward at one place, the buffalo also continues to jump with her.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @buitengebieden. Which has been seen by more than 17 lakh people till the time of writing the news. While hundreds of people have also liked the video and given different types of reactions. People are liking this funny video very much. People are laughing and laughing after seeing this. People say that the buffalo is in the mood for fun, so she is having fun with her mistress in this way.

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