British couple named their child Pakora, social media users are chatting

Whenever a child is born, the whole family including his parents starts looking for his unique name. A name that is also good and is different. In this affair, many times they name the children in such a way that it becomes a matter of discussion. Recently a similar case has come to light from UK where parents have named their child after an Indian dish.

Actually there is a famous restaurant named Camptons Table in Newtownabay, Ireland. The restaurant recently shared a good news on social media. He said that a British Kabal who frequents his restaurant has named his child after an Indian dish. Now you must be thinking that what is that dish, then sir, that dish is Pakora which we often eat with pleasure with tea during the rainy season.

Why did you keep this name?

It is being told that British parents named their child Pakora because they like it very much. The picture of the child has been shared on social media by the restaurant. In this post it is written, Welcome to the world Pakora. We can’t wait to meet you. Along with this, a bill has also been shared which includes pakora along with some dishes.

At the same time, after this post, this issue has become a topic of discussion among the people. Some users are congratulating and some are thankful that they have not named their child on any dish. One user wrote, These are my two children, Chicken and Tikka. So another user wrote, “During my two pregnancies, I used to eat a lot of bananas and watermelon. Thank god I didn’t name my kids bananas and watermelons. At the same time, another user shared the picture of his child and said, this is my child and its name is Chicken Ball.

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