Balenciaga’s world’s most expensive garbage bag, you will be shocked to hear the price

How do you throw the garbage in your house? If this question is asked to you, then obviously you will answer that we have kept a bucket of garbage or many people keep garbage in plastic bags and throw them away. You must have noticed that in many places there are big black colored plastic polyethylene It is also used for throwing garbage. They usually cost maybe 50 or 100 rupees, but if we tell you that garbage bag What would you say if you spend lakhs of rupees to buy? This may sound strange to you, but a luxury fashion house has launched one such garbage bag, which costs in lakhs.

It is being called the ‘world’s most expensive garbage bag’, whose price is not 500-1000 but $ 1,790 i.e. about 1 lakh 42 thousand rupees. Knowing this, your senses must have been blown away. So let us now tell who has launched such an expensive ‘trash bag’?

According to reports, the famous fashion house balenciaga has launched this ‘garbage bag’, whose pictures have created a ruckus on social media. balenciaga This bag was seen in the Fall 2022 ready-to-wear collection, where models walked the ramp carrying this garbage bag in their hands. Now these bags have become available in the shops as well.

would you like to buy

This shiny ‘trash bag’ has been launched in the market in four colors, blue, yellow, black and white. A lace has also been attached to tie the mouth of this bag. Apart from the price, another most surprising thing about this bag is that this bag is made of calf leather. Although this trash bag may be something different and unique, but people do not like it at all. People are giving different types of reactions by sharing pictures.

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