Baby Emu met Dogi for the first time, then gave such a funny reaction; video viral

Baby Emu met Dogi for the first time, then gave such a funny reaction;  video viral

social media But videos related to animals often go viral. Sometimes a video surprises people, some video makes people happy, while some videos are also very funny, which makes people laugh and laugh. You must have seen dog a lot, but have you ever emu have seen? This Australia There is a giant bird found in India, which is very heavy, but agile. This Ostrich It is considered the second largest bird in the world after. You must be wondering why we are suddenly talking about Doggy and Emu, so actually a video is going viral on social media these days, in which a Doggy and Baby Emu are seen having fun.

In fact, Baby Emu had met Doggy for the first time and after seeing him, there was no limit to his happiness. She started dancing as if she had got the biggest happiness of her life. In the video you can see that baby emu is standing in the room, only then a dog comes there. Then what, on seeing him, Baby Emu starts rolling on the ground there. After that she starts running here and there and swinging a lot. His happiness is worth seeing. I can’t understand what is the secret of her happiness, why does she dance like this after seeing the dog? Whatever may be the case, this video is very funny, after watching which surely a smile will automatically come on your face.

Watch this funny video of Baby Emu and Doggy

This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @_B___S and the caption reads, ‘Emu’s child has given the best reaction on meeting the dog for the first time’. This video of just 31 seconds has been viewed more than 1 million times, while more than 48 thousand people have also liked the video.

At the same time, people have given different reactions after watching the video. One user has written that ‘I always have such a reaction after seeing a dog’, then some users are saying that this is a wonderful and cute video.

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