Baby elephant was seen playing with brother again did such an act, people said – no one can win by mischievous

It is a lot of fun to watch videos of children of animals. Children of animals look very cute playing, fighting, doing mischief. one such video social media But what has been shared is of the children of two elephants. In this video elephants These two children are playing with each other and then one of them does something like this. Seeing this, a smile will definitely come on your face.

You must have heard the saying that children are true to the heart. Although this saying is very old, but it is 100 percent true. Whether the children are human or animals, they do not deter from having fun, now watch this video that has come to the fore where two elephants are playing on the bank of the river and in the game itself, the elephant’s child dropped his friend in the water. Gave. After watching this video everyone is saying that no one can really win with naughty kids.

watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that two elephants are playing on the banks of the river. In the meantime, an elephant goes to the greater side of the river and seeing the opportunity, his friend pushes him from behind. After falling into the water, the baby elephant is seen trying to get out by lifting its trunk.

This video has been shared on Twitter account named @Animalbelngjerk. Which people are not only giving but also sharing with each other. More than three lakh people have seen this video and more than seven thousand likes have been received. Apart from this, people are giving their feedback by commenting on it. Commenting after watching the video, a user wrote, ‘This can happen only when mom is not around. On the other hand, another user wrote, ‘They are playing like human children. Like brothers and sisters. People say that such videos make them happy.

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