Assam Flood: There was water till the waist…the father brought the newborn baby home in a basket, people remembered Lord Krishna after watching the video

Due to incessant rains, Assam is currently facing severe floods (Assam Flood) is facing a similar situation. More than 32 districts have been affected due to the floods. The water level is rising above the danger mark, as a result of which people are being displaced from their homes. It is being told that more than 45 lakh people are affected by the floods, while more than 70 people have died. Here in many places people are also yearning for drinking water. The situation is so bad that where earlier vehicles used to run on the roads, now boats are plying there. All the pictures and videos related to this are viral on social media.Viral Videos) are happening, seeing which people are getting goosebumps. Meanwhile, such a video is also going viral, which has made people happy.

This video is of a father and a newborn child. Actually, a video of a father bringing his newborn child home in Silchar, Assam has become very viral on the internet. In the video you can see that the roads have become ponds due to incessant rains. There is water even above the waist of the people and in this water a father is seen trying to take his newborn child to a safe place by laying it in a basket. This video will definitely remind you of Lord Krishna, when Vasudev crosses Yamuna river by putting newborn Krishna in a basket and keeping that basket on his head.

Watch Video:

This viral video has touched people’s hearts. This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the name @SashankGuw and it has been described as a heart-wrenching video of the Silchar floods. It has also been said that this video reminds of the newborn Lord Krishna.

According to media reports, many areas of Silchar have been submerged in water. However, the work of taking people to safe places is going on.

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