As soon as the cheetahs came to India, social media also jumped with joy, people said – Welcome Back

The cheetahs, which became extinct in the year 1952, will once again be seen running and running on the soil of India. Madhya Pradesh of Kuno National Park They have a new place. Actually, eight cheetahs from Namibia have been brought to India by special cargo plane. These cheetahs from Gwalior this morning Maharaja Airport and then by three special helicopters of the army, they were taken to Kuno National Park. However, first they will be kept in a special enclosure for a few days and then when they get used to the air, water and environment here, then they will be released in the forest.

Prime Minister Modi is not only happy with the arrival of cheetahs once again in India, but there is a wave of happiness in the whole country. even on social media #CheetahIsBack Top trending. Users are giving different types of reactions. Some are saying that ‘Welcome Back’, while some are expressing happiness by sharing memes.

It is being said that PM Modi’s ‘Project Cheetah’ has been successful. Cheetahs have returned to the country after 70 years.

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