‘Army is not a means of job…’ Video of late CDS Bipin Rawat went viral among Agnipath Protest, people said – ‘Protesters must see’

There is a ruckus going on across the country regarding the Agnipath scheme of new recruitment in the army. At the same time, the ongoing protests have also been seen to be violent in many states. In many states of the country, students have come out on the streets in protest against this scheme and are damaging government property. A joint press conference was held by the three armies on Sunday regarding the Agneepath plan. In which the youth were told about the benefits of this scheme. In the midst of this ruckus, an old speech of late CDS Bipin Rawat is going viral, which if the protesters see, then they will understand what is army?

This video is from 13th December 2018 but fits well on the performance of this badger mean of the youth. This video may be old but after listening to what he is seen saying in Kilp, you will definitely get emotional because it was clearly said that today’s youth should not consider the army as a means of job..!

watch video here

In the video you can see that the late CDS Bipin Rawat is seen saying that if you want to join the Indian Army, then you have to show strength physically, mentally and in every way. Your spirit should be high. You should have the courage to face the toughest of situations. Where there is no way out, there should be the ability to find the way. If you have all these qualities within you, then you will be called the answer of the Indian Army in the true sense. Apart from this, Rawat had said that if someone wants to do a job, then go to the railways or do some business. But do not consider the army as a means of employment.

This video has been shared on Twitter by the account of @arjun_inaniyan. Which has got hundreds of views and likes till the time of writing the news and most of the users are saying that the protesters must watch this video.

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