Angry elephant attacked the gypsy, the driver saved everyone’s life like this; watch video

elephants By the way, it is considered a very intelligent and calm animal. But if they are provoked unnecessarily, then they create such an orgy that even the ‘king of the jungle’ lion starts asking for water in front of it. For now, on social media elephant video It is going viral, seeing which you will understand that this jumbo should not be teased without reason. In the viral clip, the elephant suddenly erupts and then safari gypsy attacks upon. Thankfully, drivers are trending for such times, so the lives of tourists are saved. But seeing the way the elephant is seen attacking in the video, your soul will tremble.

If you want to see wildlife very closely, then jungle safari is the best option. However, sometimes enjoying the jungle safari can be overwhelming for the tourists. Now just watch this video which is going viral. In the video you can see that an elephant attacks the gypsy. After which the driver of the car tries to save his life by speeding back. It can be seen in the video how fast the elephant is chasing the car. But, the driver also does not give up and keeps speeding the car in reverse. After following the car for some time, the elephant stops. Now the netizens are praising the person after seeing his driving skills. Because, even in such a difficult situation, he did not lose his balance.

Watch the video of the angry elephant attack here

This video has been shared by IFS officer Sushant Nanda on Twitter. He wrote in the caption, ‘This video is going viral with a lot of praise for the driver of the gypsy. But I also thank the gentleman elephant, he followed the car only to tell him what it was.’ Along with this, IFS has advised safari drivers to keep distance from animals.

People said – it is not right to go so close to the elephant

Jungle safari ban also raised demand

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