Amazing! Arrangements for four shoulders, bier, barber and those who cry, this company will conduct the last rites

You must have heard about different types of service, but have you ever heard of ‘Funeral End death service‘ Is heard? Actually, it means that after death Funeral All the preparations will be done by the company itself. Whether it is to make arrangements for four people to give shoulder or there is a need for Pandit-Barber, all these arrangements will be made by the company itself. Isn’t it strange? By the way, this service is common in Japan and many other countries and now it is being started in India as well. Yes, delhi trade fair Nowadays I have a special unique startup has come into the limelight, knowing about which everyone is surprised and social media But some people are even enjoying it.

Actually, the name of this unique startup is Sukhant Funeral Management. The special thing about this unique startup seen in the trade fair is that all those things and arrangements are present here, which are useful after the death of a person. The decorations decorated at the stall are available on the bier. This unique stall is attracting attention of people in the trade fair.

What will the company do?

The special thing about this startup is that right from giving shoulder to Arthi, walking along and speaking the truth in the name of Ram, Pandit, barber will all be from the company. Even the immersion of the bones of the deceased will be done by the company itself, that is, all the things related to the last rites will be made available by the company itself. According to the information, the company has kept a fee of Rs 37,500 in lieu of all the arrangements for the last rites of the people.

People are telling new startup

Sukhant Funeral Management is also providing the facility of ready-made bier, whose pictures are becoming very viral on social media. Users are describing this different method of experiment as a new and unique startup, along with some users are also enjoying it.

Someone is saying that ‘whatever the dead body needs after death, it will provide everything’. Understand that there is a management company after death ‘, then someone is saying that ‘Oh God, this was left to be seen. From joint to single and now single family also new startup for people living alone and such society. Where even four people do not gather to shoulder your dead body, then contact Sukhant Funeral Management.

What did the director of the company say?

Sanjay Ramgude, director and co-founder of Sukhant Funeral Management, told TV 9 Hindi that they also do pre-planning for funerals and have conducted about 5,000 funerals so far. Currently this service is available in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai, but they are preparing to open its branches all over India. They are thinking of opening a franchise as well. The cost of emergency funeral comes from Rs 8,000 to 12,000, while the cost of pre-planning funeral comes to about Rs 40 thousand.

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