After sitting the ‘girlfriend’, the bike ran in the water till the waist, people said – Turu Lov; watch video

social media But these days a video is becoming very viral. In which a boy is seen riding a bike on a road filled with water. Not only this, this boy has also made a girl sit on his bike. Now netizens are having a lot of fun watching this video. Some are saying that this is the affair of love, Babu Bhaiya, while some say that the boy put a lot of bike watts in the girl’s affair. many users it Bangalore But TV9 does not confirm it.

In the video going viral, you can see that the entire colony is flooded with water after heavy rains. The road is full of water till the waist. In such a situation, if someone comes out with a bike, that too by making the girl sit, then what will be your first reaction. Obviously you will be stunned. Because, people rarely go out with bikes on such roads. You will get to see something similar in the viral clip. Now seeing this video, people are saying that people are ready to do anything for girlfriends. The good thing is that the bike does not stop in the middle of the road and both of them overtake.

See in the video, the boy ran the bike in the water till his waist

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This video, shared a few hours ago, is making a splash on the internet. So far more than 38 thousand people have liked it. This series is increasing rapidly. At the same time, after watching the video, people are also commenting with a lot of fun. Some people feel both girlfriend-boyfriend, while some say that this girl can also be his relative. However, there are many users who have expressed their concern about the health of the bike.

A user has written while commenting, it is called Turu Lov. At the same time, another user has written while commenting, a pit and all the fun will go down. Another user has written while commenting, the bike must also be saying that have you considered me as a Titanic. Overall, this video is being liked by the people and netizens are enjoying it a lot.

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