After Jaymala, the groom surprised by his actions, the bride was stunned; watch video

on social media wedding videos Often goes viral. sometimes groom bride If a cute moment of the film goes viral, then both of them are covered on the internet with a scintillating dance performance. But you will also be stunned to see the video that has come out related to the wedding. Actually, after wearing the garland, the groom acts in such a way that even the bride gets stunned at once. groom in viral video jaimala After touching the feet of the bride, she can be seen taking blessings. However, this gesture of the groom is winning the hearts of the netizens.

You must have seen the bride taking blessings by touching the groom’s feet after the wedding rituals, but have you ever seen the groom taking blessings by touching the bride’s feet? If you haven’t seen it, take a look now. A similar video has surfaced on social media. In which you can see that after wearing the garland, Panditji asks the bride to seek blessings by touching the groom’s feet. On this the groom says to Panditji- ‘He touched my feet, I will do the same.’ On this, Panditji said that there is no need for this. But the groom stuck to his point and he also took blessings by touching the bride’s feet. The bride did not even think that the groom would do this. As soon as the boy bends down to touch the feet, the bride shudders.

Watch in the video, when the groom touched the bride’s feet and took blessings

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This cute act of the groom might have won your heart too. This very cute video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named bridal_lehenga_designn. Along with this, the user has written in the caption, ‘The love care respect that every girl deserves’. In the video, the groom also turned out to be exactly as per the caption. Seeing this video, every girl would like to have such a caring husband for herself. This clip of few seconds is being liked a lot by social media users. People like to watch it again and again. Hundreds of likes have come on the video so far. This number is continuously increasing.

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