After Jaymala, the bride started dancing in full swing, this was the reaction of the groom- Video

In the ‘world’ of social media, videos related to wedding ceremonies often go viral. Especially the netizens like to watch the videos of the bride and groom with great fervor. Sometimes one of his cute moments goes viral, sometimes he bang dance The performance dominates the internet. At present, one such video is going viral, in which garland after the ceremony bride She is seen dancing in full swing. At the same time, the groom stands on the stage looking at her and smiling.

This video that went viral seems to have been shot soon after Jaimala. You can see that both the bride and groom are wearing garlands. During this, the bride is unable to stop her happiness and immediately after Jaimala, she starts dancing fiercely. The spirit of the bride is worth watching in the viral clip. At the same time, the groom stands on the stage and laughs and smiles just seeing him. The groom probably did not expect that the bride would express her happiness in this way. During this, someone pushes the groom forward to dance, but the boy blushes and steps back.

After the garland, the bride dances in full swing, watch the video

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This tremendous dance video of the bride has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named kalavidara_club. This video is creating a lot of panic on the internet. So far 2 lakh people have liked it, while after watching the video, people are fiercely registering their reaction.

Commenting on a user has written, Hi Inni Khushi. At the same time, another user says, I too will probably dance like this in my wedding. So at the same time, many users are tagging their friends and enjoying them. Tagging his friend, one has written, you will do something similar in your marriage too. Overall, this video of the bride has managed to grab the attention of the netizens.

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