After 35 years, when the son heard his mother’s voice for the first time, he cried- VIDEO

Imagine a child who lost hearing after birth and heard his mother’s voice years later, how would he feel? This beautiful moment cannot be described in alphabets. When such a young man heard his mother’s voice for the first time after 35 years, he could not stop his feelings and cried bitterly. video of it social media But it is going viral fast. Whoever saw this clip of mother-son, tears came from his eyes.

In the video going viral, the young man can be seen sitting near his mother. The boy has earphones in his ear. When mother asks son – are you able to hear me. As soon as the mother’s voice resonates in the ears of the young man for the first time, he cannot stop himself and cries. After this both mother and son become emotional. This moment was so emotional that seeing the mother and son, the rest of the family members even small children start crying. Trust me, seeing this beautiful moment will make your eyes moist too.

Watch here, the emotional video of mother-son

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This very emotional video has been shared on Instagram with an account named goodnews_movement. According to the caption of the post, this young man named Eduardo was diagnosed with meningitis two years after his birth. Because of this, he had lost the ability to hear in both ears. When he heard his mother’s voice for the first time after 35 years, he cried. See, how happy the mother embraced the son. This video is very emotional.

How much people are liking this video, it can be gauged from the fact that more than 1 lakh people have liked the video so far. At the same time, most of the users have become emotional after watching the video. One user says, this video made me cry. Lots of love to Eduardo. At the same time, another user has written while commenting, I also started crying.

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