Afghanistan Earthquake: Social media users became emotional after hearing the painful tales of the innocent, said – God should not happen to any child

Afghanistan is similarly facing a serious economic crisis since the Taliban took power, the earthquake that struck it in the early hours of Wednesday has wreaked havoc here. This earthquake was so strong that hundreds of houses collapsed like a pack of cards. More than 1000 people died in this natural disaster, while more than 1500 people were injured. Social media is flooded with pictures of the devastation in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, a picture of a baby girl is becoming very viral. It is being said that all his family members were killed in the earthquake, only this innocent person survived. Now social media users are getting emotional after seeing this picture.

This heart-wrenching picture has been shared by Afghan journalist Syed Ziarmal Hashmi on Twitter. Giving information in the caption, he wrote, ‘This little girl is probably the only surviving member of her family. Local people say that they did not find any surviving member of his family. This girl looks almost 3 years old. In the viral photo, you can see that the girl’s face is covered with mud, her damaged house is visible in the background, where she used to play peacefully. However, this innocent does not know that now he has no one in this world. Whoever saw this picture of the girl on Twitter, his eyes became moist.

After the earthquake, the picture of the girl went viral

This tweet of journalist Syed has now gone viral. So far more than 74 thousand people have retweeted it, while more than 5 thousand people have given their feedback on it.

Users ready to adopt

The Afghan journalist has also shared the link of Go Fund Me after the tremendous reactions of the people, under which the people affected by the earthquake can be helped.

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