Ae Bhai Dheere: Had to show stunts on the moving road, the boy dragged on the face

In today’s time, there is a different craze of stunts within the youth, the craze of showing stunts in the mill has increased a lot. Earlier, different types of stunts were seen in films only, but due to this craze, it has become such that people start showing stunts on the streets and moving roads. One such surprising video has been shared by Delhi Police on Twitter, after seeing which you will be surprised.

In the video you can see that a man riding a motorcycle is seen doing stunts by waving his bike on the moving road. Within a few seconds, its speed becomes so fast that the bike starts talking to the air, but after staying at this speed for some time, its balance deteriorates and the bike slides on the road. The bike is at such a speed that the person goes for a long distance while sliding. It is a matter of luck that the person is wearing a helmet, due to which his life is saved narrowly.

Shocking video of Bike Stunt

This shocking video has been shared by Delhi Traffic Police from its official Twitter handle. In the caption of the video, the police appealed to the people to be safe and not to drive at high speed. More than eight thousand people have seen this video till the time of writing the news, while hundreds of people have liked this video.

People are giving their feedback by commenting on this of 36 seconds. People say that the way he fell on the road while doing stunts and dragged on the road, what would have happened to him. One user says that even if you start wearing a helmet, but never make such a mistake. If possible, do not do such deadly stunts. A user has commented tauntingly, it is called the trick to reach the hospital. At the same time, some people are also furious after watching this stunt video. People say that God has also given you brains. Before doing such stupid thing, use your brain.

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