A tremendous fight between two kangaroos, a lot of kicks and punches; video viral

you tv or social media Feather kangaroo must have seen it, because it is basically Australia There are animals found in. Although they are herbivores and are considered to be calm-tempered animals, but sometimes they also become aggressive. After that, the fight that goes on between them is very funny. They are seen fighting just like humans. Just as humans fight standing up, kick and punch, kangaroos also fight with each other in the same way. A video of one such fight is going viral on social media nowadays, after watching which you will be left watching.

The special thing is that other kangaroos are watching this fight of kangaroos with pleasure. You must have seen that the way two people keep fighting somewhere and instead of getting rid of their fight, other people just keep watching them fighting by encircling them from all sides, something similar is seen in this video as well. In the video you can see that the fight of the kangaroos starts with the hands first and then their kicks start running in between. They are seen jumping up and hitting each other with both the kicks. They keep fighting in the same style for a long time, but do not take the name of backing down. Now where this fight of theirs would have ended, it is not known, but this fight was just like humans and was fun.

See how kangaroos are fighting fiercely

This fight video of kangaroos has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID named @gunsnrosesgirl3. This 45-second video has been viewed more than 8 lakh 57 thousand times so far, while thousands of people have also liked the video.

At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. A user has written in a funny way, ‘How are other kangaroos standing and watching. Surely he must have invested money on this fight’, while some users are asking who won in this fight?

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