A man was seen playing with a dangerous crocodile, people’s soul trembled after watching the video

you in zoos Crocodile Must have seen it. By the way, they are lying like a corpse, seeing that it seems that they are lying from the dead themselves, will they harm anyone, but you will never make the mistake of thinking like this. Even though they remain very calm and do not even move, but they are very dangerous, which can attack and kill anyone as soon as they get the chance. In fact, crocodiles are known to be the world’s largest dangerous animals believed to be one of the Lion He also has the power to defeat.

All kinds of videos related to crocodiles often go viral on social media. Nowadays one such video is going viral, after watching which you will be stunned. In this video, a man is seen playing with a crocodile and surprisingly, he does not even attack him, but comes to him and goes away silently.

It is worth seeing the courage of the person

In the video you can see that a man sitting on the boat is luring the crocodile to eat by hanging his legs down. A small piece of meat remains in his hand, for which the crocodile also comes running to him. During this, he buries it in his feet and starts tempting him to eat. However, later he feeds her and also caresses her head lovingly. After this, the crocodile goes from there by swimming comfortably in the water. Seeing this sight, it seemed as if he was loving and playing with his pet dog, not some dangerous crocodile.

This shocking video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID name Figen and the caption reads, ‘What type of pet is this brother’. This video of just 15 seconds has got more than 1 million i.e. more than 1 million views so far, while thousands of people have liked the video and have given different types of reactions.

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