A fierce fight took place between the dog and the cat, the companion pulled the tail of the puppy for rescue..watch the video

Social media has become a main source of our entertainment in today’s time. Here we get all kinds of videos. Especially when it comes to fight videos of animals, the matter is different. Many times you are surprised after watching these videos, while many times these Videos We cannot control our laughter after watching it. recently one such Video has come to the fore. Where a dog is seen fighting with a cat and Doggy’s friend is trying to get rid of that fight.

Just like there are two types of friends in the world, one they know how to maintain their friendship and support their friends every moment, then there are some friends who get into fight without any reason. If you think that only human beings With this, you are wrong because animals also have similar friends. We got to see something similar these days where a puppy started fighting with a cat, but at the same time his friend was seen driving his friend away from this fight.

Watch Doggy’s video here

In the video you can see that a kitten is attacking the dog by raising both its paws. Seeing this attack of the cat, the puppy also attacks him in the same way. It seems that both the children want to win it by attacking in this fight but in the meantime the dog’s friend comes and starts pulling the tail of that puppy. It seems that that cute little puppy does not want his friend to fight without talking to the cat.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @buitengebieden. Which more than 26 lakh people have seen the news being written and their feedback is being given by commenting. People are liking this video very much. People are not only sharing this video clip with each other but are also giving different types of comments and reactions on it.

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