5 rides on a bike, on seeing the policeman folded his hands like this; watch video

transportation Everyone should follow the rules, otherwise nowadays you must be seeing that road accident How many have increased. most accidents traffic It happens only because of not following the rules. One, people drive vehicles at a higher speed than the limit and on top of that, many people do not even wear helmets. So it is obvious that Accident In this situation, people’s lives come to an end. You must have also seen many such people, who put many people together on a bike and leave. social media But nowadays a video related to this is going viral, after watching which a smile will come on your face and maybe you will also get angry.

Actually, in this video, a person is seen taking four passengers with him on a bike and he is not even wearing a helmet. Seeing him in such a situation, the policeman folded his hands and politely asked him to go to the police station. In the video, you can see how the man has made his wife and three children sit on a bike. Seeing this scene, the policeman folded his hands and asked the person ‘is there anyone left’. After this he quipped that he will tell the company that if the family is small then a bigger vehicle will be made. Then the policeman counted the passengers on the bike and again quipped that only five. After this, he asked the person to go to the police station by putting a bike on it.

Watch video:

This incident is from Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh. The video related to this incident has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID named @DevendraDube.

Although it is not new that 4-5 people are sitting on a bike. This is often seen. People are often seen flouting the rules, but they do not understand that it can also be risky. In such a situation the chances of accidents are high. That’s why people should always keep in mind that never more than two people sit on the bike and always wear a helmet.

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