19 riders in an auto, the inspector counted like this, asked – where are you going with the message of death

19 riders in an auto, the inspector counted like this, asked – where are you going with the message of death

Auto Shocking Video: Traffic rules are made for your safety, but there are some people who don’t obey. All they have to do is break it. Many times the videos of such people also become viral on social media. At the same time, the police also make people aware by sharing them. At present, one such video has come to the fore, seeing which not only the general public but Daroga Babu was also surprised, It so happened that when the police stopped an auto passing through the road, the police were also astonished to see the number of passengers in it. because There were 19 people in the auto, If you don’t believe, then watch this viral video.

In the video going viral, you can see that an auto is going somewhere at high speed on the road. More passengers are seen sitting in the auto than the capacity. Some are even hanging back. That’s when the police sees the auto and asks it to stop. After this, it is known that the auto driver is taking the entire district. At the behest of the police, 19 people get down from the auto one by one. In the video, the police can be heard saying, “Yeh ho gaye 19. Yeh dekho maut ka paigam lekar rahe rahe hai.”

Watch here the video of 19 riders sitting in the auto

Bhagwat Prasad Pandey, posted in Madhya Pradesh Police in Sidhi district, shared the video on Twitter and wrote, ‘More rides… preparing for an accident!’ Please tell that Bhagwat Pandey is very active on social media. He is quite popular on social media because of his interesting posts and videos. They teach a lesson to those who break the traffic rules in a fun way. This 55-second clip has been viewed more than 1.6 lakh times so far, while about 6 thousand people have liked it. Apart from this, Twitter users are also commenting and sharing fiercely on the video.

A user says, the driver should get the Maut ka Saudagar Ratna. On the other hand, another user has written, the poor driver took inspiration from the Fevicol advertisement and came face to face with Pandey ji. Another user reacting in a funny way quoting the auto driver has written, Bhaiya ka kare petrol mahinga hai. At the same time, many users have spoken of action against the driver. People say that accidents are happening due to such negligence.

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