15 thousand briefs? Seeing the price of the top brand’s shorts, the senses of the people were blown away, said – there are wonderful hats

how much is usually a man underwear either Shorts can wear. Two hundred, three hundred… a maximum of five hundred rupees. But if we tell you that the old striped shorts from a top brand cost Rs 15,000, what would be your first reaction? Obviously, you’ll be left scratching your head when you hear the price of the short. These days a similar post on Twitter has curdled the minds of netizens. In which people’s senses are blown away after seeing the cost of the old man’s shorts made of cloth looking like curtains. Now after seeing this post people are asking whether top brands are just fooling people?

On Twitter, a user named Arshad Wahid shared a screenshot of a listed clothing item of the Kobe brand. In which the senses of the netizens were blown away after seeing the price of the favorite striped shorts among the elderly. People cannot believe that any brand can keep a price of 15 thousand rupees for such a short. Arshad Wahid has written while questioning in the caption, why is the cost of this pattapti nicker 15 thousand? Now after seeing this post, netizens are expressing concern for those weavers, on whose things these brands are earning so much profit.

See here the short of 15 thousand

Now people are talking different things on this post. People say that companies are making people wear hats like this in the name of the brand. A user has written tauntingly, ‘This is not a nappy, a loincloth.’ At the same time, another user has commented with surprise, ‘Baburao’s briefs in 15 thousand.’ Another user has shared a screenshot of the Rs 499 curtain found in D Mart and tried to tell that perhaps the Cobb brand would have prepared this short by taking clothes from here.

You will note that last year famous fashion designer Sabyasachi and H&M together launched a saree in the market for Rs 9,999, which was quite ordinary in appearance. He was also trolled badly as soon as the saree collection was launched. Then people said that paying five hundred rupees for this saree is too much. Now in such a situation, people’s mind is baffled after seeing the necker of 15 thousand rupees.

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