UP’s 15 lakh employees will be able to get money without interest festival advance, from Dussehra to Holi

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced a special cash package in lieu of festival advance and LTC to state workers in this festive season. 15.20 lakh state personnel will benefit from the festival advance. The special cash package will be available to those employees who are entitled to LTC by 31 March. The benefit of both the schemes will be available to the state workers before 31 March 2021. On the demand of the employee, the head of the department will order to give the festival advance before any important festival.

This important decision was taken by the Cabinet Bicirculation under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. After the central government announced special festival package for central employees and special cash package in lieu of LTC, the state government has also awarded both these schemes to its employees.

Advance Special Festival Package
All employees of the state government will get the benefit of this scheme. The scheme will remain in force till 31 March 2021. The office-bearer will approve an advance festival package of Rs 10,000 for employees before any important festival. There will be no interest on this package. The state government will have to bear a burden of about Rs 1000 crore on the scheme.

Highlights of the Festival Advance:
-15.20 lakh state employees will get interest festival advance without interest

-10 thousand rupees each employee will get festival advance

A burden of Rs.1000 crores will be on the treasury of the government

Employees will be able to take this amount from Diwali to Deepawali to Holi

Will be given as Pre-loaded Rs Pay Card through SBI

SBI to get money from pre-loaded RuPay Pay Card
The advance amount will be given through State Bank of India by pre-loaded Rs pay card. This amount will be recovered in ten installments. On receiving the application of the employees, the head of the office will give the applicant to the applicant by taking a pay card from SBI. The Head of the office will be able to approve all the festivals which are included in the list of public / registered holidays declared by the Uttar Pradesh government. If there is any difficulty after implementing this decision, then the resolution of its resolution and payment procedure will be decided with the approval of the Chief Minister.

Special Cash Package in lieu of LTC
Like the central government employees, the government will give special cash package to the state government employees in lieu of LTC facility. The Council of Ministers has also approved this proposal. The benefit of this facility will be given to those employees who are entitled to LTC facility by 31 March 2021 as per the previous government orders. The state government will bear an expenditure of about 960 crores in this scheme.

Under this facility, the employee will be given a deemed fare at the rate of Rs 6000 per person to go and return to the destination. The facility will be valid for a maximum of four eligible family members including the employee. The concerned employee will have to purchase three times the approved amount in digital mode from the vendors / service providers registered in GST. The rate of GST on items purchased should be a minimum of 12 per cent. For reimbursement of approved funds in the form of a special cash package, the employee will have to submit a receipt for the purchased items which mentions the GST number and the GST paid. The employee can be paid 50% of the deemed rental allowance of LTC in his bank account in advance. Which will be adjusted from the final payment to be made on submission of the purchase voucher of the goods. Such claims will have to be adjusted in the current financial year itself. In case of non-use or under-utilization of advance, advance will be charged with penal interest on unused or under-utilized. Income tax rules will apply to the special cash package just like LTC.

LTC benefits are available thrice in service
State employees get the benefit of LTC facility thrice in their entire service. Under this facility, the employee claims a fare for a tour of maximum four members of his family. The state government pays for it.

Special Cash Package in lieu of LTC
Government will pay deemed rent at the rate of Rs 6000 per person
For a maximum of four persons including a worker
– Three times the sanctioned amount will have to be spent through digital mode through vendors / service providers registered in GST, with a minimum GST of 12%.
Accepted amount will be reimbursed only on purchase voucher, indicating the GST number and GST amount paid.
This scheme will cost the state government exchequer Rs 960 crore.

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