Operation Gulmarg’s plan is still sitting in Pakistan, know what happened 73 years ago

The intermittent night of October 21-22 in 1947 was the most frightening and bleak night in the history of Jammu and Kashmir, when Pakistan started Operation Gulmarg with the aim of destroying and occupying this kingdom called Paradise on Earth. 73 years have passed, but Pakistan still dreams of occupying Jammu and Kashmir under the same plan. A European think tank has said this.

The European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) recounts the awe of the attack of the tribesmen in an interpretation that killed 35 to 40 thousand people. EFSAS said, “On this day, the first and most fatal step was taken to end the Kashmiri identity.” People were divided into two parts by the LOC (Line of Control) drawn by the United Nations, which divided the erstwhile princely state and its inhabitants. ”

According to the think tank, Operation Gulmarg was prepared in August 1947 under the command of Major General Akbar Khan. Washington DC-based political and diplomatic analyst Shuja Nawaz has compiled a list of 22 Pashtun tribesmen who were involved in the infiltration. Apart from General Khan, the operation was planned and executed, including Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan, who was close to the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Shaukat later admitted in a book (The Nation that Lost It’s Soul) that he was appointed as the supervisor of the Kashmir operation. It was also informed that Finance Minister Ghulam Mohammad had assisted 3 lakh rupees from the treasury of Pakistan for this operation.

EFSAS said, “Major General Akbar Khan had fixed 22 October 1947 for the attack on Jammu and Kashmir. All the fighters were asked to assemble at Abotabad near the Jammu and Kashmir border on 18 October. At night these fighters were being transported in civilian buses and trucks.

According to the European think tank, “Pakistan told the story that the tribes are liberators and are going for their religious duty ‘Jihad’ in Kashmir, because Muslims are being killed in communal riots there.” However, this was a lie and the tribes did not spare the Muslims either. Infiltrators killed about 11,000 people on 26 October 1947 in Baramulla and destroyed the power supply Mohra Power Station in Srinagar. ”

In 1948, the first Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Sheikh Abdullah said about this infiltration in the United Nations, “the attackers came to our land, killed thousands of people, mostly Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims too, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims Kidnapped thousands of daughters. Looted the properties and reached the gates of the summer capital, Srinagar. ”

In conclusion, EFSAS said that those who are concerned about the welfare of Muslims in Pakistani propaganda and Jammu and Kashmir should not forget the policy of Islamabad of October 1947, an attempt to seize the state by force, which made the existence of Jammu and Kashmir the biggest. Shocked. Those who plan and carry out tribal infiltration remain undoubtedly the biggest enemies of the Kashmiri people. The day of 22 October 1947, when the incursion began, remains the worst day in the history of Jammu and Kashmir.

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