Navratri 2020: Today is six and a half hours for Ghatasthapana, these are the auspicious 3 auspicious times of Ghatasthapana, this time Navami and Vijayadashami on the same day

The Sharadiya Navratri starts on Saturday 17 October. Due to the Purushottam month, Navratri is being started after one month of Pitra-immersion Amavasya. Goddess Bhagwati will be seated in her pavilion, riding on horse, with many specific yogic coincidences. It is raining on Amrit Yoga after 58 years.

Many specific totals
After 1962, at a gap of 58 years, both Saturn and Guru are seated in their zodiac sign on Navratri, which will be strong in bringing perseverance for good works. On Navratri, conjunctions like Raja Yoga, Dwipushkar Yoga, Siddhi Yoga, Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga, Siddhi Yoga and Amrit Yoga are being made. This Navratri is also falling on two Saturdays.

Happy Navratri 2020: Wish your friends and relatives with these messages, share these wishes

Goddess Bhagwati’s annual Mahapuja
The Shardiya Navratri (Ashwin) is called by the goddess as her annual Mahapuja. On this Navratri, Mother Bhagwati comes with her many forms – Navdurga, Das Mahavidya and Shodsh Mothers. In Goddess Bhagwat, the goddess has called the Shardiya Navratri as her Mahapuja.

Navratri 2020: First day of Navratri is very special due to the fall of Surya Sankranti

Ghat Establishment Muhurat (Saturday)
Auspicious time – 6:27 am to 10:13 am (great for students)
Abhijeet Muhurta – From 11:44 to 12:29 in the afternoon (Sarvajan)
Static Lagna (Scorpio) – 8.45 am to 11 am (Shubh Choghadiya, best for traders)

Navratri 2020: A rare coincidence this time on Navratri, was made in 1962, this coincidence is done by 9:45 am tomorrow

No date loss, entire Navratri
This time the Sharadiya Navratri will be between 17 to 25 October, although there will be no loss in the nine days of Navratri, but the Navami date will end at 7:41 in the morning on 25th. Hence Navami and Vijayadashami (Dussehra) will be on the same day.

Navratri: no date is lost
Pratipada – 17 October
2nd – 18th October
Tritiya – 19 October
Chaturthi – 20 October
Panchami – 21 October
Sashti – 22 October
Saptami – 23 October
Ashtami – October 24
Navami – 25 October
Keep these things in mind
– Sow barley on Shardiya Navratri. This purifies the atmosphere and provides positive energy
To purify the atmosphere due to Corona period, Agaric can be mixed with yellow mustard or turmeric, rock salt and long.

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