Look at the politics of Bihar, UP too … know which bet the Congress played which is risky but can also be beneficial

The Bihar assembly elections are over, and the candidates are trying their luck to show their fortunes. All political parties have given tickets to candidates for Bihar assembly elections keeping in mind the caste equations. The Congress has also declared its candidates in tune with these equations, but with this the party has also taken a risk to regain its traditional vote bank. Considering the Congress ticket distribution, it seems that now the party wants to strengthen its traditional vote bank. In a way, even though elections are going on in Bihar, but the Congress is eyeing Bihar as well as Uttar Pradesh.

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In the Bihar assembly elections, the Congress has got 70 seats in the RJD-led grand alliance. In this way, Congress is contesting 70 seats. The Congress has announced its candidates on all these seats. Looking at ticket distribution, the party has given maximum number of tickets to Savarna, followed by Dalit and Muslim at number three. Among the upper castes, the party has fielded 9 Brahmin candidates. While there are 14 and 12 Muslim candidates from the scheduled castes. The Brahmin, Dalit and Muslim Congress have been the traditional vote. The party will focus on these voters in the election.

The way the Congress has fielded candidates for the purpose of achieving caste equations and its traditional vote bank in Bihar, it seems that the party now wants to play on the front. By giving tickets to 12 Muslim and 14 Dalit candidates, the Congress has made its intentions clear that it is now eyeing Bihar as well as UP.

Darius, the Congress wants to give a political message in UP as well as Bihar elections. The giving of ticket to Mashkur Ahmad Usmani from the Jale assembly seat is part of this strategy. It is clear from the campaign for Usmani’s ticket in Bihar and the release of Dr. Kafeel Khan in UP that the party now wants to play on the front, so that Muslim voters can win the trust again. Congress’s aggressive stance in the Hathras case is part of the strategy. Whether or not the party gets the political benefit of this entire campaign, it will decide the time. But the party has been successful in giving the message that it is aggressive about the issues of Dalits. Whereas in such cases, the BSP’s stance has not been very aggressive. The Samajwadi Party attacks did not have the same edge.

A large section of the Congress is against taking such risks in the current political situation. A senior party leader said that he has given the issue to BJP by giving ticket to Mashkur Ahmad Usmani in Bihar. Till now local issues were dominating in the campaign, but now Jinnah has been entered. These leaders believe that the party should have avoided such a decision.

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