Durga Puja’s unique pandal in Kolkata, shows women workers’ struggle in lockdown

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Preparations have begun for organizing Durga Puja in West Bengal. However, due to Corona epidemic, this time the event does not look as grand as every time. But meanwhile, a Kolkata pandal is under discussion.

The Raina Club in Behala, Kolkata made a major change in Durga Puja. This time the idol of a migrant woman with her children has been replaced by the Durga idol. This statue will show respect for the struggle of women laborers in lockdown. In fact, these women have walked thousands of kilometers with their children in their lap in lockdown.

Rintu Das, the artist who created it, says, “This idea came when I saw the plight of migrant workers. A woman walking with 4 children, without any help, I felt it was worth doing.”

Das said that in the pandal, symbolic statues of goddesses will be installed as daughters of migrant laborers, with one idol bearing the vehicle of Lakshmi with the owl and the other idol with the swan of Saraswati. Apart from this, the fourth statue will be with the elephant’s head which will be a symbolic form of Ganesha. It will be shown in this way that the laborers are moving towards all Durga in this difficult period, appealing for relief. This time the main theme of Barisha Club is also ‘Relief’.

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