Assam government said – government madrasas will be changed in schools, will not close private

Amid the controversy over the Assam government’s decision to close the madrassas running at government expense, the state education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has said that only government madrasas will be converted into schools, there are no plans to shut down private madrasas. He has also made it clear that the equality of madrasa education and general education will be abolished. Sarma said on Saturday that a notification to close all government-run madrasas and Sanskrit centers in the state will be issued in November.

At a press conference here, Madrasa Education Board will be dissolved and all government-run madrasas will be converted into high schools. Like regular students, all schools will be admitted. The Assam minister said, “We will dissolve the madrasa board.” We will withdraw the notification that gives madrasa education an equivalent status to general education. We will convert all the government madrasas of the state into general schools. ”However, the minister also made it clear that private madrasas will not be closed in the state.

He said, “Final year students will be allowed to leave school after passing. However all students seeking admission to these schools will have to study like regular students. ”The minister said that Sanskrit centers would be converted into teaching and learning centers handed over to Kumar Bhaskaravarma Sanskrit University, where Indian culture, civilization and nationalism Will be taught

He said, “This step has been taken so that the students can get regular education under the Assam Secondary Education Board (SEBA)”. , So he said, “How can this be an electoral issue.” We are only closing government-run madrasas and not private madrasas. ”Sarma said there are 610 government-run madrasas in Assam, which cost the government Rs 260 crore annually.

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