Young actress died suddenly.. She beat cancer twice and died of a heart attack

Young Bengali actress Aindrila Sharma passed away on Sunday. She is 24 years old. Aindrila, who was admitted to a private hospital in Howrah on November 1 with a brain stroke, breathed her last at 12:59 pm on Sunday while undergoing treatment there. Hospital sources said that Aindrila, who was treated on a ventilator in the ICU, suffered several heart attacks on Saturday night. After that, on Sunday, she had another heart attack. Her body did not respond even to CPR support. The doctors have confirmed her death.

Aindrila Sharma beat the cancer epidemic twice at the young age of 24. She started acting again after the doctors confirmed that she has completely recovered from cancer. However, on November 1, she suffered a severe brain stroke. Aindrila was immediately rushed to a hospital in Howrah. Since then celebrities from Bengali TV and film industry and her fans have been praying for her. After about three weeks of fighting with death, Aindrila finally lost and died.

Aindrila is familiar to Bengali audiences. Aindrila started her acting career through the TV show ‘Jhumur’. Aindrila, who entered the digital medium from TV, recently acted in a web series called ‘Bhagar’. Aindrila Sharma’s boyfriend Savyasachi also played a pivotal role in this web series.

Aindrila’s death is a tragedy in the Bengali film industry. Actor and producer Prosenjit Chatterjee tweeted condoling the death of Aindrila. “Andrila’s soul may rest in peace. Andrila’s struggle is an inspiration to us all,” Prosenjit tweeted in Bengali.

Actor Jeet also expressed his condolences through Twitter. Andrila expressed her condolences to Savyasachi Choudhary, her boyfriend. “My deepest condolences to her family and fans. Savyasachi Chowdhary Be brave. There are no words to express how much you are suffering,” said Jeet. On the other hand, music director and filmmaker Indradeep Dasgupta also condoled the death of Aindrila through Twitter. “You will live forever in our hearts and memories, Aindrila. It’s just a soul like you going to another world. You are the best,” he said in the tweet. Many people are mourning the death of Aindrila through social media.

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