‘You guys called me’! Hero Vishwak Sen fires on anchor live .. Intense prank video controversy

Young hero Vishwak Sen starrer ‘Ashoka Vainamlo Arjuna Kalyanam’ is set to release on May 6. The film unit is busy with movie promotions. It is learned that a prank video recently made as part of a movie promotion on Hyderabad Nadi Road has gone viral on social media. In it, Haidavu learns that a young hero, Ginger Arjun Kumar, has not been married for 33 years and that he is in pain. This prank video is now becoming a focal point for controversy.

Lawyer Arun Kumar has lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission against the ‘Arjuna Kalyanam in Ashoka Vainam’ unit for allegedly creating a New Sense problem. With this, a debate was organized on this issue on a channel. Tripuraneni Chitti from the film industry participated in it. Hero Vishwak Sen stormed into the studio without permission during the debate.

Vishwak Sen said that they did not use petrol unless the channels show that the prank video made by bringing water in a can is petrol. Arun Kumar, who went to complain to Human Rights, said he did not know the difference between petrol and water.

Lawyer Arun Kumar, who came live soon after, responded to a complaint made over a prank video. ‘Is it correct to pour crores of rupees and make movies and make prank videos for your selfishness !. I did not complain about the people. ‘

Vishwak sen prank video

In a similar vein, Vishwak Sen told the channel anchor, “It is not correct for you to pass a statement that I went into depression because of what I said and what I said. Give me the number of any doctor who says so. I will speak. You do not know about my personal life. You have no right to talk about it. You named me Pagal Sheen. I can also sue you for defamation. But I do not. It is not right for you to keep your mouth shut and say ‘depression person’ and ‘crazy shit’ ‘.

As Vishwak Sen reacted, the anchor of the show gave a stern warning to you to leave the studio in front of you. Vishwak Sen reacted strongly. “You guys called me,” Vishwanek yelled at the anchor. Disappointed, the anchor repeatedly said, “You get out first from the studio.” The controversy over the Frank video eventually turned into a war of words between the hero and the anchor.