What more does an actress want.. Kriti Shetty’s comments are viral

Sudheer Babu Mohanakrishna Indraganti combination recently released a movie called Utke kepanari about that girl. This movie did not do magic like seduction. Pushed with routine stories and articles. But for the first time in this movie, Kriti Shetty played a dual role. As usual, every movie starring Kriti Shetty is flopping at the box office. The Warrior and Machar’s Constituency movies turned out to be disasters. Bangarraju didn’t seem to mind.

But Kriti Shetty said that the success of this film is very special for her. This character is very close to real life. That’s why the audience connected so well, says Kriti Shetty. I am very happy when many people call me and say, “It is as if I am watching myself on the screen”. What more could an actress want and became emotional. She thanked Indraganti for giving such a good role. Kriti said that the success of this film is very special for her.

She said that she does homework for every film and role. She said that she will write the role in detail, then it will be easy to act that role. When a scene is happening on the set I make it really happen in my life. I believe that doing this will produce very natural expressions. Kriti Shetty said that she did this role as well.

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