What is Anupama like?.. The heroine who posted the characteristics saying what is the zodiac sign

Anupama Parameswaran Zodiac Sign Anupama Parameswaran is trending right now. Anupama is not seen much in the promotions of Karthikeya 2 movie, rumors are spreading that there are differences with the film unit and the hero. But Anupama made a post explaining the reasons for not participating in the promotions of this movie. She explained that she was busy shooting for another film and that’s why she couldn’t come. So she put a stop to the rumors about her.

And Karthikeya 2 promotions are making an incomparable noise. It was impressive in the press meet held the other day. It is known that the film unit has announced that they are postponing the film by one day. He said that the film will release on August 13. Anupama recently posted her zodiac sign and the characteristics of that sign.

Anupama posted that these are the characteristics of Aquarius. She said without saying that hers is also an Aquarius. And this rashi explained the characteristics of them. They are more caring. They are more in love with some people.

They take the lead in assessing others.. They are very intelligent.. They do not back down no matter what.. They do not tolerate liars.. They hate such people. He said that he is highly intelligent and has the characteristics of his zodiac sign. All in all, Anupama seems to have these characteristics. That’s why it seems to be shared like this.

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