VT 13: Get ready to witness the battle in the sky: Varun Tej

Get ready to watch the battle in the sky on the big screen says Mega Prince Varun Tej. Varun Tej, who recently released a video giving an update regarding his new film VT 13, has recently released a poster related to it. “There is boundless courage and bravery in the Indian Air Force. Get ready to watch the battle in the skies on the big screen. It will start soon…’ he wrote. This movie is jointly produced by Sony Pictures International and Renaissance Pictures. Directed by Shakti Pratap Singh.

Based on real events.. VT13 movie will be made in the backdrop of Indian Air Force. Varun Tej recently released a video saying ‘India’s glory touching the sky’. In the video, it is said that he read the script and gave the green signal to the movie. Finally it was shown that Jaihind. It remains to be seen whether the title ‘Jaihind’ will be fixed for this movie. At the end of the video, it was shown that it will be announced on September 19.. As mentioned, an update regarding the movie was given today.

Varun Tej came before the audience with two films this year. While Gani’s movie was a disaster, F3 movie was a hit at the box office. Currently he is doing a movie directed by Praveen Sattar. VT13 movie is likely to follow after that.

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