Villain Dalip Tahil’s unexpected twist on the fight with Jaya Prada. Request for that scene

For the past three decades, there have been reports that senior actress Jayaprada kissed Bollywood villain Dalip Tahil on the cheek during a movie shoot. But till now Jayaprada has not given any clarity on this news. Similarly, there is no record of Dalip Tahil’s official response. Everyone thought that the news was true. But.. after 36 years Dalip Tahir finally responded.. gave a clarity.

What is the news? Amitabh Bachchan and Jayaprada acted together in the movie ‘Akhre Raasta’ in 1986. There were reports that Dalip Tahil also acted in that movie.. but due to a fight with Jayaprada, he was removed in the middle of the movie. In the scene where Jayaprada is raped as a part of the movie, when Dalip Tahil touched her where she should not be touched, the news has been coming from time to time that Jayaprada got angry and grabbed Jayaprada’s hand. As both of them did not deny this news, it has been doing rounds in Bollywood for 36 years.

Dalip Tahil recently reacted to the news of Jayaprada’s slap. Even though I have been reading that news for a long time. But what I don’t understand here? I have not acted with Jayaprada even once. And how can she slap me? Actually I was hoping to act with her then. But I didn’t get that chance. But the person who created the news of that slap on the cheek… I will be very happy if you show that scene as well,” he jokingly requested.

Dalip Tahil has already acted in almost 100 films. He is also acting in web series. Dalip Tahil also played a pivotal role in the series ‘The Family Men’ with Manoj Bajpayee. On the other hand, Jayaprada has recently stayed away from films and is active in politics. She did movies in Hindi as well as Telugu and Tamil at that time.

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