Vikram Movie: Surya in Kamil Haasan movie .. Lokesh Kinkaraj kicks fans with superb plan!

Director Lokesh Kainkaraj is preparing his latest film ‘Kikke Kikku’ for Cine Lovers. He is the director who has captured the attention of all with the successes of our city, prisoner, master cooking year. Now this young director is shooting a movie Vikram. It is known that Michael Selvan Vijay Sethupathi and Malayalam star Fahad Fazil are playing the role of Universal hero Kamal Haasan in this movie. That means three Stars are playing. The recent release of Glimpses has raised eyebrows over the movie. Recently, another news outlet came out to double these estimates.

Do you know any news that gives so much kick that Vikram movie raises expectations so far! The hero Surya is seen in this movie. The video of Surya with Vikram’s location goes viral. With this, fans and cine goers all say that Surya has appeared in Vikram movie. However, there is no announcement from the film unit side regarding this. The film is set for a worldwide release on June 3. What kind of guest role Surya will appear in this film is raising interest in everyone. Talk that this character will appear in the movie climax.

Vikram Movie

As the Vikram movie release date draws near, the focus is on Kamil Haasan and team promotions. The movie audio release event will be held on the 15th of this month in Chennai. Kamil is playing the hero in this movie .. Raj Kamil Films is producing on the International banner. Anirudh Ravichandran is composing the music for the film.