Vidudhala Trailer: ‘Vidudhala Part 1’ praised by superstar.. Police fight with Praja Dala.. Interesting trailer!

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Vetrimaran, who has become a star director in Kollywood with blockbuster films like ‘Vada Chennai, Asuraan’, is the latest film ‘Vidudalai’. In this film which is being made in two parts, Suri played the lead role.. Makkalselvan Vijay Sethupathi (Vijay Sethupathi) played a guest role as the leader of People’s Army. The first part of the film, which has already released in Tamil, is receiving critical acclaim. Superstar Rajinikanth, who recently watched this movie, also congratulated the movie team. Meanwhile, Vetrimaran movie is going to be released in Telugu for the first time. Allu Aravind’s Vidudhala Part 1 is releasing on April 15 through Geetha Film Distribution Company. To this extent, the recently released Telugu trailer is impressive.

Vijay Sethupathi played the role of Perumal Master, the leader of the People’s Army in the film. The police come to a conclusion that if the People’s Army, which has become a problem, is to be eradicated completely, it will not be possible unless the leader of the force is caught or killed. On the other hand, actor Suri.. was seen as a constable who faces discrimination from the higher authorities. While it is known that there will be activities of the People’s Army on behalf of the people who are being discriminated against.

Police’s efforts to catch Perumal Master, who has become an unwanted stick for them, Suri’s characters who face discrimination in the duty are impressive in the trailer. But to know how Constable Suri helped the police who started ‘Operation Ghost’ to catch Perumal, you have to watch the movie.

Part 1 trailer released.. Praja Dala fight against discrimination!!

As part of the trailer.. ‘Are you a separatist who separates a person as one above, another below, and another below? Or are we separatists fighting for equality?’ Vijay Sethupathi’s dialogue with the police is impressive. While the entire Telugu trailer was released.. Director Vetrimaran once again shot a different story realistically. The visuals are also very good. The film is produced by Elred Kumar under the banners of RS Infotainment and Grass Root Film Company. Music composed by Maestro Ilayaraja. And let’s see what kind of result will be received in Telugu.

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