Venkatesh: What do you call Venki the ‘remake’ King?

Venkatesh is doing a remake of a movie which means one hundred percent hit guarantee. Whether it is in the theater or in the OTT, the film is sure to be a hit. ‘Scene 2’ proves this point once again. Malayalam ‘Scene 2’ has already been released on OTT and is a solid success. Now the Telugu ‘Drishyam 2’ has also been released there and has been a success. The whole team is to be commended, but Venky is the most. Because the remake was a hit with the movie that Otitians had already seen in it.

Many of the star heroes in Tollywood have done remakes. Films that received good success in other languages ​​were brought to Telugu and received success. However, Venkatesh is known as the remake king. That word is spoken by him aptly. However Venky also takes it very cool. Leaving it all behind and saying that the remake came to me was because I thought I was the only one who could say Positive ‘Thinking’ in his own style.

There is a problem with remakes. If what is there is taken away as it is then what it is is called as it is. If the same changes are made the original story, the feel is said to have been killed. Venky is praised for doing remakes on similar swords under similar circumstances. They make movies and hit it off as if it’s so easy to make it easy. See ‘Scene 2’ if desired. The names of the characters, the characters have changed but… the whole matrix. Taking and hitting like this is also great.

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