Unnatural sex with him.. He wants to take a video and pay Rs.: Sri Reddy latest video

Sri Reddy, who has become famous lately with his mouth-watering dishes, is seen sizzling with flavors. Kattu.. Bottu.. Settu.. Srireddy who has changed the whole set-up is making YouTube hot with the original Sisalu village spice product. Along with various dishes, she shares her personal experience with overdose exposure in between. Instead of boring his followers, he became like a junior to Dr. Samaram, saying the principles of happiness.

Recently, as part of Sri Reddy’s village style cooking, she shared a real incident of frying fish in her own style. Sri Reddy shared the horrible incident of the husband forcing his wife to take videos and blackmailing her.

“This incident took place in Madhya Pradesh. It was a husband who had unnatural sex with his wife. He forced her against her will. Unable to bear his torture, she was forced to have sex with him. But if he records her videos on the phone and gets Rs. crores, I will not put them on the net. Otherwise, he would blackmail you by saying that he will put these videos on the net and divorce you. Because of this, the girl did not know what to do. She felt anguish that if she is not safe with her husband, what will happen outside. Is there no safety for a woman even with her husband? Can’t even trust the husband?

Whoever does such things is wrong.. Even if the husband does it.. It is wrong to force the wife against her will. So the girl got fed up and took the courage to complain to the police. She made him come to his senses.

Sri Reddy’s father feels that the husband and wife are not able to spare time for each other and are getting away from physical comforts. Talking about this in his own style.. ‘These days, men are not giving time to girls at home. No matter how much you earn.. no matter how hard you work.. it is for your happiness. After tours.. Geers.. Give some time to children and wife. After spending the whole day in the office, they sit with their phones after coming home. Cell phones are breaking down the gates.

Reduce playing with cell phone. They can’t stand it. Is that why my dear brothers? Pay attention to others.. give them time and have fun with them’ said Sri Reddy.

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