Twitter Review: Beggar 2 Twitter Review… Idea is good.. But

Twitter Review: Beggar 2 Twitter Review… Idea is good.. But
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Vijay Antony got an unexpected success with the movie ‘Bichagadu’.. After that he released every movie he acted in Telugu. But none of them could give a ‘beggar’ range hit. However, Vijay who is always trying for success.. This time he came in front of the audience with the title ‘Bichagadu 2’ (Bichagadu 2). Vijay produced this film with his wife Fatima as a self-directed producer. While he is also handling the music and editing responsibilities, Bicchagadu 2 is releasing today (May 19).

Vijay, who impressed in the role of a son who runs away to save his mother in the film ‘Bicchagadu’, appeared in two roles, ‘Gurumurthy and Satya’. In the flash back, it seems that the sentiments of Anna’s sisters have been cultivated well. But in this story, it is said that the big men who kidnap the begging children, what they are doing with them is well presented on the screen. Overall, positive talk is being heard for this film from the US premieres.

Not a sequel. Although it is a separate story, the title is apt. Scenes with children are okay. VFX lacks quality. Screenplay is very dull. No emotional connection. Anti Bikili (Anti BIkili) idea is good but failed in execution. A user tweeted that only one or two scenes in the movie were interesting.

As for the first half, the scenes related to Satya’s slum life and Gurumurthy’s billionaire life are engaging. The production values ​​as well as the background music are top notch. Overall the take off was good. But reports are coming in that it is very flat going forward. A twist was given at the end of the first half with an interesting element. And the success of the movie depends on how the second half is handled.

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