Twice that experience with Raj Tarun .. Wanted to be an Accident .. Ariana Sadism!

It is known that he acted as an anchor before participating in the Bigg Boss show. While anchoring so RGV fell into the cunt, the stage turned as he commented on Ariana’s thighs. Thus came the Ariana Bigg Boss Show Chance, which went viral with RGV comments. So overall as a bold beauty Ariana got a good following on the Bigg Boss show. Ariana reached the top 5 even though she looked like an ambassador. Now Ariana is making a fuss in movies too. Ariana appeared in a role in the movie Experience Raja. Recently, Ariana shared about the shooting details of the movie and her experiences with Raj Tarun. Ariana once said that she did not like Raj Tarun at all. But he said he did not understand how he did it for the movie. What he says is that if his movies come on TV they should be removed. Ariana reveals her sadism that one day while traveling in Raj’s car she wanted to have an accident. Once he called for an interview and waited. Ariana recalls that she had waited for an interview once before. Raj Tarun shook hands twice. That is why there seems to be so much hatred. Ariana waited for 8 hours for Raj Tarun on the set one day.

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