Traffic Diversion Brilliant Idea.. 20 minutes down for me: Manchu Vishnu

Hyderabad City Police is implementing a diversion system to solve the traffic jam problem in Jubilee Hills. However, criticism is pouring in from motorists on this experimental approach. The police has piloted this diversion system with the aim of making Jubilee Hills signal free. However, motorists are questioning whether making the signal free means turning off the entire Jubilee Hills. The policy taken by the police is being criticized as a failed attempt. However, hero Manchu Vishnu responded positively to the traffic diversion policy which is facing so much opposition.

Responding to the new traffic diversion system in Jubilee Hills through Twitter, Manchu Vishnu thanked the Hyderabad City Police. “My thanks to the Hyderabad Police for bringing a new traffic system across Jubilee Hills. My travel time from home to office in the evening has reduced by 20 minutes. Thanks to Police Commissioner CV Anand for taking such a wonderful step forward,” Manchu Vishnu said in a tweet.

However, Manchu Vishnu’s reaction is being commented on social media as usual. They are bringing the movie ‘Jinnah’ into such a serious matter. One person said, ‘I am reading your tweet while enjoying the movie ‘Jinnah’ on Prime Video.. Just watched the movie ‘Jinnah’ on Prime Video.. When is ‘Jinnah 2’? Many people are trolling Vishnu like this. Keeping this trolling thing aside.. Manchu Vishnu likes the traffic diversion that is being criticized.. It is surprising that his travel time has reduced.

And when it comes to traffic diversion… Jubilee Hills Checkpost is a busy area all the time. There are frequent traffic jams. The traffic police has brought an experimental diversion system to relieve the motorists from these traffic jams. Implement this procedure for a month.. If successful, continue this.

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