Top Gear : Confusion over the title of Adi Sai Kumar’s movie.. the producer has condemned them

Aadi Sai Kumar-Top Gear movie titles are clashing. Some people do it because they want to. But in some cases it happens accidentally. A title announced in one language is given in another language. It will be released again in another language with the same title. It is at such a time that complications come. People get confused if two movies with the same name are coming out at the same time.

Recently, the same scene was created in the case of Top Gear movie. Producer KV Sridhar Reddy has already announced a film with the title Top Gear starring Adi Sai Kumar and also revealed the title logo. Giridhar Mamidipalli is the executive producer of this movie. Directed by Shashikant.

But there are reports in the media that another movie with the Malayalam hero is coming with the same title as Top Gear. The film is being produced by a leading production company. Malayalam movie is being promoted in Telugu. Producer KV Sridhar Reddy said that this is the title of their film and they have all the rights of this Top Gear title. During the shooting of his film, KV expressed his concern that they are confusing the audience by making a Malayalam film with the same name and promoting it here. Sridhar Reddy.

They said that they have nothing to do with the Top Gear movie being made by the production company, and that they are completing their movie titled Top Gear in Telugu with Adi Sai Kumar as the hero. He mentioned that they are going to release the first look and motion poster of their Top Gear movie on September 17.

Recently, the title launch of this movie was held at Srinidhi Engineering College in Hyderabad in the presence of thousands of students. KV Sridhar Reddy said that in this movie, which is being made under the banner of Sri Dhanalakshmi Productions under the banner of Aditya Movies & Entertainments, they are going to show a different point that will connect with the audience from all walks of life.

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