Tollywood shootings stop.. ‘Varasudu’ Tamil movie Antonna Dil Raju

Until yesterday, everyone said that the shootings in Tollywood will be closed from August 1. The decision was jointly announced by the Guild and the Chamber. In this, Dil Raju led the way. Tira Dil Raju is busy shooting for his film. The shooting of Vijay Vamsi Paidipalli’s movie was done today. Many people objected to this. Natti Kumar, however, openly criticized it.

He said that shootings should be stopped.. You are doing shootings again.. Natti Kumar demanded that all kinds of shootings should be stopped. Dil Raju entered the arena. He said that only Telugu film shootings have been closed. He clarified that other language film shootings can be done.

Dil Raju said that Varisu is a Tamil movie.. that’s why they are shooting. People are trolling a lot because of this. If it’s a Tamil movie.. why is it being made in Telugu? Why are the posters being released? They are questioning why they said that the movie will be released in Tamil and Telugu languages ​​on the opening ceremony.

Netizens say that Dil Raju’s comments are laughable. Should only Telugu movie shootings be stopped.. Telugu producers should stop all their shootings.. (Shootings in other languages ​​should also be stopped).. It seems that the producers are unable to decide. Federation Chairman Anil Kumar Vallabheni responded to this and said, “We have not received any letter yet to stop the shootings of Film Chamber.”

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