Tollywood: Green signal for increase in salaries of film workers

The problem that has been plaguing the Telugu film industry for many days is the salaries of the film workers. Cine Workers have already gone on strike over this issue. The film industry has also announced that it will form a committee under the auspices of the Film Chamber and take a decision soon. Then the strike was temporarily postponed. However, the film workers have informed that they will strike again on September 16 if they do not take a decision regarding their salaries.

The Producers Council had a special meeting with the intention that the matter should not be a big one. It has been decided to increase the salaries of film workers by 30 percent. The talk in the film circles is that there is a possibility of an official announcement regarding this on Thursday (September 15). Wages should be increased once in three years. But due to Corona, the producers’ council is thinking about this decision. Apart from that, there was no shooting of movies at that time. Now that the situation has improved, the film workers have come forward with the demand to increase the salary allowances.

A few days ago, the film workers went on strike over the same issue. Due to this, the shootings were stopped for two or three days. Then they made us withdraw the strike decision saying that we will discuss it. Now a decision has been taken. At a time when the budget of the film is supposed to be increasing, we have to see to what extent increasing the salaries of the film workers will increase the burden on them.

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