Tollywood: Bandla Ganesh in the elections.. Post asking to cast your vote for me

After reading this, what carts are Ganesh contesting in the election! Which election is going to be held now? Is there still time for elections? Is he now moving the pieces related to politics? There is no doubt. If we go into the details… Actor and producer Bandla Ganesh (Bandla Ganesh) is also a political leader. He campaigned on behalf of the Congress party in the last elections. After the defeat in the elections, he stayed away from politics. Later, he stepped into the film industry and acted in two or three films.

It seems that Bandla Ganesh, who has been staying away from politics for many years, is now trying hard to get busy in politics again. Also, no one likes Pawan Kalyan at all. Bandla continues to express his admiration for Pawan by calling him Devara. He participates in debates and gives political counters in his own style. Those who have seen the speed of Bandla Ganesh think that it is not normal speed. But he is going to participate in the FNCC elections in Hyderabad soon. He tweeted informing about this. ‘You have the power and opportunity to change. I am contesting as Vice President in the FNCC elections. Bandla Ganesh posted a request saying, “Give me your precious vote”.

Netizens are reacting to this post in their own way. Some people are commenting that why are you stopping at the club range when you have to compete in a constituency range?

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