They cheated Sriharigari by not giving him money.. Sell jewelry, cars and pay off debts: Shanti Srihari

Srihari is an actor who has earned his own identity by playing various roles as hero, villain and character artist. At the peak of his career, he fell ill and died in a hospital in Mumbai. He was still shooting for the film at that time. In a recent interview, his wife Shanti Srihari told many interesting things about Srihari who personally helped many people.

“I would have bought 10 more houses if our remunerations were correct. After the death of my brother-in-law (Srihari), I paid all the debts on the present house by selling all the jewellery. I also sold all the cars. Two or three other organizations, including Chiranjeevigari organization, gave correct remuneration to Sriharigari. Many cheated without giving money. But brother-in-law is crazy about movies. They used to tell me to do films even if I didn’t give them money. Even if he reaches 40-50 years, he will take on some form of father or elder brother.

If I was in the film industry, they would ask me what Shanti would do after Sriharigaru’s death. But I was not in films so no one cared. All this happens in the film industry. Balakrishna called once in between. There is no need to call him. In his movie, brother-in-law played some character. For that, Balakrishna called and said ‘Shantigaru and Sriharigaru have done a character in our film. Is there any money balance related to that!. Do you need any help’ he asked. After the death of his brother-in-law, the films in which he acted were released. But no one called like Balakrishna,” said Shanti Srihari.

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