There is no need to change for anyone!.. Anasuya’s post is viral

Anchor Anasuya (anasuya bharadwaj) has been in the news for the past few days. All the real story started with Liger getting flop talk and Anasuya satires. Vijay’s fans and netizens lashed out at Anasuya. He was trolled as Aunty. Anasuya was hurt because she was called aunty.. I will file a case.. Body shaming and age shaming? She got angry. Anasuya’s tweets made the word Aunty trend national wide.

Anasuya was not even given time to breathe. But Anasuya gave a strong reply to such trolling. She killed those who made negative comments on her and spoke crudely. Anasuya gave a reply to the netizens who were upset with the boos. It is known that Anasuya has given a warning that everyone’s work will be told as if everyone’s tweets and screenshots are being saved.

It also stated that a cyber crime case has been filed. All the trolls and memes that should have come on Liger also came on Anasuya. So there were troll memes on Anasuya for four or five days in a row. Recently Anasuya made a post. She said that we don’t have to change for anyone. There are people who love us as we are.. That’s true love and posted a motivational post.

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