Then it wasn’t because of me.. Now my dream has come true through Ram Charan: Chiranjeevi

Megastar Chiranjeevi said that the Hindi audience, who once did not support him, now support his son Ram Charan and accept him as their own. Ram Charan said that his dream has come true by being supported by the audience all over the country. Chiranjeevi along with Salman Khan attended the ‘Godfather’ Hindi trailer launch event in Mumbai on Saturday. On this occasion, Chiru became emotional while giving the definition of the term ‘Pan India Star’. At one time he mentioned the lack of recognition of the Telugu film industry.

“A long time ago, I came before the Hindi audience with the movie ‘Pratibandh’. After that I did the films ‘Gentleman’ and ‘Aaj Ka Goondha Raj’. However, then I could not know that there is a difference between a national film and a regional film. After that I got busy in Telugu films. I focused more on Telugu films and moved away from the Hindi industry. But, I always wanted only one thing.. there should be only one movie here, it should be an Indian movie. There should be no differentiation of regional cinema. I really want that day to come,” said Chiranjeevi.

Salman Khan, Chiranjeevi

On this occasion, Chiranjeevi also spoke about his experience in the Hindi film industry at that time. My 1985 film ‘Rudraveena’ won the Nargis Dutt Award. I am here to accept the award on behalf of our producers. In the program organized at that time, the details of great actors were included to tell the history of Indian cinema. From Prithviraj Kapoor to Raj Kapoor, just about everyone has been featured there. However, I searched for anyone from South India. I saw one photo of MGR. But, I was very sad to see that the photos of famous Telugu actors like NTR, ANNR, Kannada Rajkumar and Shivaji Ganesan were not there. Many foreign delegates attended the event. All of them were projected that Indian cinema means Hindi cinema. In fact there are many great films in regional languages ​​like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Odisha, Bhojpuri etc. I wanted to get recognition for them too… I wanted the concept of regional cinema to disappear,” explained Chiranjeevi.

However, Chiranjeevi proudly said that recent Telugu movies have removed the barrier of regional cinema. Chiranjeevi said that Ram Charan was accepted by the Hindi audience with the movie RRR. Chiranjeevi said that I am very happy as a father if Hindi audiences who once did not support me now support Ram Charan.. Ram Charan has fulfilled his dream. He said that he is now very proud to say that he is an Indian actor.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan threw a prank punch at Chiranjeevi. Sallu bhai said with a smile, “Chiru, your films are loved by the audience here, but our films are not loved by your audience.” Chiranjeevi responded to this and said that day is also near. He said that Salman Khan’s acting in the movie ‘Godfather’ was the beginning of this. He assured that after the movie ‘Godfather’, there will be a market for Hindi heroes in Telugu as well.

I was very sad that day.. Now I proudly say: Chiranjeevi

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