The last two songs of Sirivennela Sitaramashastri are about that hero!

Sirivennela Sitaramashastri, who created magic with many words in literature, is a unique honor to everyone in the industry. From minor heroes to top heroes he bows at the feet and takes blessings. As a man without defilement he also provided many good meanings with each song. No one can tolerate the death of such a good writer. Sitaramashastri’s journey, which began with Sirivennela, continued wonderfully with over 3000 songs.

He has worked for almost eight hundred films. Today’s generation of young heroes Many of the young directors also show great interest in working with Sitaramashastri. Sirivennela Sitaramashastri last composed the songs for the movie Nani. Rahul Sankrityan is directing the movie Shyam Singarai starring Nani as the hero. Director Rahul has been telling everyone from the beginning that the two special songs in the film should be written by Sirivennela Sitaramashastri.

More recently, I have been inquiring about the composition of both the songs until the composing is completed. Some other directors also wanted to work with Sirivennela. But in the meanwhile everyone is grieving over his disappearance.

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